Ooh, I’ll have to read that later!

How many headlines or blog posts or Medium articles do you say that about?

Maybe you save it to Pocket or use the Facebook save button. Maybe you email yourself. What you have now is interest, but not time to read text in front of a screen.

Maybe you’ll have that time later and finally catch up on those saved articles. Then again maybe not. And let’s face it, you already spend more time looking at screens than you’d like.

Give the eyes a break and let the ears awake.

What if someone could read those articles to you instead? Right now, in real-time, a real human reading the things you can’t read because you’re tired, or driving, or taking a walk, or doing data entry in a spreadsheet?

Back up with me just for a sec.

We’re all familiar with the sharing economy by now. The “Uber for X” is ubiquitous, but there are still more applications of the peer-to-peer service model than anyone has yet imagined. If you have an asset like a car or a bedroom that’s going unused much of the time, now you can monetize it by connecting with people who need a room or a ride. If you have a skill like graphic design or copy editing you can sell those on marketplaces across the web.

What if you don’t have big assets with wheels or shutters? What if you don’t have a lot of digital skills to sell? What if what you have is half an hour, a voice, and the ability to read?

Somewhere there is someone who doesn’t have that half an hour to read a text. Somewhere someone might be willing to pay you a few bucks to use that time between appointments to read them their favorite articles on Medium for the morning.

Let’s get you audio content! Let’s let you monetize your voice!

AudioThat is a simple platform that allows users to add links to articles and text-based web content with a single click, pay a small fee and have it delivered in audio format to listen now or later.

It connects qualified readers with eager listeners who want to take in great content without the strain and inflexibility of screen-based consumption.

-Isaac Morehouse

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